Patchwork Christmas Stockings

Two years ago I wanted to sew my own Christmas stockings, but that was the year we decided that everyone gets a handmade quilt for Christmas.  I went as far as to find and print a pattern, but I ran out of time that year and stashed the pattern in my bin of fabric.

Last year I was far too pregnant to make Christmas stockings.  Although I wanted to, I didn’t have the energy nor the motivation to actually do it.  Just the trip to the fabric store, likely with a toddler in tow, sounded exhausting.  Few people have ever gone fabric shopping with me, but those who have know how indecisive I am and how long it takes me to try to select my fabrics.  We’re talking hours sometimes.

But this year I FINALLY did it!Read More »


Help Me Paint My Kitchen!

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to do any manual labor….

Over the last 8 years we’ve done significant work on every room in the house except our kitchen.  We plan on remodeling it, but that realistically isn’t going to happen for probably 10-15 years.  The kitchen was by far the most agreeable as far as color palette and functionality, so we were in no rush to do anything to it.  My husband has repainted the ceiling, turned the coat closet into a walk-in pantry, and installed a dishwasher – that’s about all that’s been done.

About a month or two ago I was moving something and hit the bottom of one of the drawers next to the fridge and took out a chunk of the veneer on the drawer face.  I decided then I’m sick of how the kitchen looks we need to do something to it in the interim. If you look closely, some of the veneer on the cabinets is starting to get worn and chipped, and the stuff in front of the sink has some water damage.  Nothing is bad, it all just needs some freshening up.Read More »

How to Make a Piping Bag from Freezer Paper

I once tried using a zip-top bag with a piping tip.  The issue with that is plastic stretches and the pressure of the frosting causes the tip to blow out of the end of the bag.  At least that was the case for me.  It was a buttercream icing, it wasn’t too thick, and I had a large tip.  I think I eventually got the plastic coupler to snag the cut in the bag just right and was able to get through frosting my batch of cupcakes.

Sure, you can get disposable piping bags for relatively cheap nowadays.  But in my case that would mean ordering them online and waiting a week for them to arrive via free shipping.  And let’s be honest, I don’t really need 100 piping bags for the roughly 3 times a year I need one.

A reusable piping bag?  I 110% do not want to have to clean that.Read More »