Woodpile in November

The weather has been relatively mild so far this year.  Many years we’ve had snow on the ground by now, but we’ve only had one minor snowfall this season that has long since melted.  And the temperatures have been quite moderate.

The furnace has been going pretty much nonstop all month, but we’ve never really needed  a roaring fire and it often goes out overnight.  My husband will relight it before work, or I’ll do it when I get up in the morning.Read More »


My Kid Doesn’t Sleep (and other recent happenings)

Well, that was an unanticipated, almost 3-week, hiatus from my blog.  I’ve been busy and I’ve been exhausted.  I haven’t been sleeping much because my 10-month old still gets up 2 to 6 times per night.  And only 2 times constitutes a good night.  We have bedtime, second bedtime, sometimes third bedtime.  He’s usually up again around midnight, then at least once more after that… although every two hours has been the standard.  Last night it was midnight, 1 am, 1:45, 3:30, and 6:45.  That, of course, was after bedtime and second bedtime.  We almost had third bedtime but he only fussed for about a minute and fell back asleep.

Only once in recent weeks was the lack of sleep self-inflicted – I stayed up until 1:15 am on election night.  I’m not going to open that can of worms, but I watched it up until the AP called Pennsylvania.  And I found out the ultimate result around 3 am…. and I’ll bet you can guess why I was up then….Read More »

Woodpile in October

I have a love/hate relationship with our wood furnace.  I love keeping the house warmer than average in the winter and I love not paying for propane.  I never feel bad using the furnace early in the fall or late in the spring.  We have even lit a small fire a time or two on damp, cool summer days just to take some moisture out of the air.

However, I hate lighting it.

My husband doesn’t have any issues with it, but if it’s raining, snowing, damp, warm, or windy outside I have trouble getting it going.  I load the box up with newspaper, cardboard, the driest split wood I can find, and a little oak to get a nice coal bed.  I take a match, light the paper and… well… lets just say it takes a certain skill to only have half of the paper burn before it goes right out.Read More »

Woodpile in September

Well, it happened.  Yesterday afternoon my husband lit the furnace.

I was perfectly comfortable in my fleece sweatshirt with the house at 70 degrees, but he gets antsy this time of year to light it for the first time, so he did.  It didn’t take long before the house was at 75 degrees and the kiddos and I had shed our sweatshirts.  At least he was no longer asking me every 20 minutes if he should light the furnace.

My husband had a few good days making firewood and we’re almost ready for the upcoming winter.  Usually October is the big push for firewood, but without a field full of pumpkins to harvest for sale this year, the woodpile is ahead of schedule.

You want to see some pumpkins?  Of course you do!  Read More »

Woodpile in July

Well, it’s almost the end of July, and I’m happy to report that more wood has finally made it to the woodpile!

It was hot this past weekend, but for the two weekends prior my husband was out with the tractor and chainsaw and made some great progress!  First off, all the wood from the ash tree that was just hanging out in the backyard in June has been cut, split, and added to the pile.  That amounted to about two face cords in and of itself!  He also got a lot of the oak chunks that had been lying on the ground near the log pile split up and hauled over to the woodpile.Read More »

When it Rains it Pours

When it rains it pours… through the leaky roof of the barn.  Ugh.  We’ve gotten a lot of heavy rain over the last few weeks, and either that’s just made the problem more noticeable or the problem is getting worse.  Monday morning my husband was out in the rain to get a couple of the cows in the barn for breeding that morning and informed me that we had a pretty good amount of water leaking into the barn and we’re going to have to do something about it sooner than later.  Ugh.  For the last few years, each time we’ve gotten a good wind we find at least a few shingles blown off the barn, so we knew this was in our future.  But still… Ugh.Read More »

Woodpile in May

When I started this blog I asked my husband if he had any ideas as to what I should write about.  He recommended I give the ongoing status of our firewood pile.  So, here we go…

A little background:

Our first winter in this house we spent a ridiculous amount of money on propane while keeping the temperature at 63 degrees.  After spending the winter layered in three shirts and two pairs of pants, we took our tax return the following spring (Hooray, first time home buyers credit!) and had a wood burning furnace installed in our basement.Read More »