Meet Blanche’s Calf!

Well, we had a little excitement this morning.  My husband woke up to go to work and found that Blanche had her calf overnight!  We don’t know exactly what time she had it, but the calf was up and nursing by the time my husband discovered it.  You always worry a little when it’s their first calf, but all went well and neither the cow nor the calf had any issues.

The calf is a little heifer!  She’ll be registered with the American Hereford Association.  As of now she’s just known as”602D,” but we’ll decide on a name soon.

Here’s one of the first photos my husband took this morning, right around sunrise:


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When it Rains it Pours

When it rains it pours… through the leaky roof of the barn.  Ugh.  We’ve gotten a lot of heavy rain over the last few weeks, and either that’s just made the problem more noticeable or the problem is getting worse.  Monday morning my husband was out in the rain to get a couple of the cows in the barn for breeding that morning and informed me that we had a pretty good amount of water leaking into the barn and we’re going to have to do something about it sooner than later.  Ugh.  For the last few years, each time we’ve gotten a good wind we find at least a few shingles blown off the barn, so we knew this was in our future.  But still… Ugh.Read More »

A Meet and Greet with The Golden Girls

If you took a peek at my “about” page, you may have caught the snippet where I told you that our 4 breeding cows are named after the Golden Girls.  Well, I think it’s about time for a formal introduction!

Back in June of 2010 we started our herd by purchasing a cow/calf pair from a local breeder.  Here is a photo of them on the day we got them:

We got lucky because that cow was also pregnant, so the following March we had three cows!Read More »

Blanche’s Big Announcement

Have you ever contemplated how to put together a pregnancy announcement for a cow?  The vet doesn’t give out ultrasound prints.  Maybe a photo with a set of big hoof prints and a set of little hoof prints?

Under most circumstances we wouldn’t be this excited to find out that one of our cows is pregnant, but this was Blanche’s last chance.  She was born in May of 2013, and typically you want your heifer to get pregnant a few months after her first birthday so the calf is born right around her second birthday.  Fast forward to the summer of 2015 and we were still trying. Read More »