I’m Kimberly and I live on a 10-acre hobby farm in Wisconsin with my husband, toddler daughter, and infant son.

I wouldn’t call myself cheap, I prefer the term “miser.”  I like to cook and bake from scratch.  I don’t like to buy what I can make myself for cheaper, but we like comfort food and you’ll never find me without a stash of cream of mushroom soup in the pantry.

Every summer we plant a large vegetable garden and a half-acre field.  I do a lot of canning in summer to preserve our garden produce.  We also have a little herd of beef cattle, our “golden girls” are Sophia, Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche.100_3366.jpg

Summers keep me pretty busy in the garden, but come winter time I can get a little crafty!  I especially like quilting, although with the two little ones finding the time for that is difficult.  So smaller projects and crafts will likely be on the forefront for quite some time.

Feel free to look around, check out a few of my recent posts, or send me a message if you want.  But don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the adventures on My Frugal Farmstead!



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