Woodpile in November

The weather has been relatively mild so far this year.  Many years we’ve had snow on the ground by now, but we’ve only had one minor snowfall this season that has long since melted.  And the temperatures have been quite moderate.

The furnace has been going pretty much nonstop all month, but we’ve never really needed  a roaring fire and it often goes out overnight.  My husband will relight it before work, or I’ll do it when I get up in the morning.

We’ve hardly used any of the oak and have primarily been burning the the wood we accumulated in years prior, so mainly pine, aspen, maple, and little bit of birch.  These woods tend to burn hot, fast, and sometimes dirty. The oak has a nice, even heat that is easier to control and is much less smoky.  It also makes a nice coal bed whereas the others just burn away.  We’ll save the oak for when it gets really cold.

All in all we’ve burned about 2 face cords so far.

Here is our woodpile on November 29, 2016:


The photo isn’t blurry, it’s snowing a little this morning.

There is also about half a face cord in the basement, for a total of about 23 face cord on hand.  If you recall, we went into the heating season with 25.

Here’s another view of our woodpile.  This one is looking down from an upstairs window.


Because the topic on hand is wood, and wood comes from trees, I may as well add that we put up our Christmas tree over the weekend.


That is one fat tree!  We’re fairly certain it is wider than it is tall!  So, that’s all decorated and we’re starting to wrap all the presents that I’ve purchased.  Because my Christmas shopping is done!

It’s beginning to look a and feel little like Christmas, at least on the inside.  To be honest:  Snow…. I could take it or leave it.



4 thoughts on “Woodpile in November

  1. Dang, I’m jealous of that wood pile… Do you have wood boiler, or a word furnace? We primarily heat with a wood stove (with top floor of the house closed off) and it looks like we could be in trouble this year. I pulled a lot of trees out of the surrounding forest last summer, but they’re soft woods – even some dreaded cottowood. They burn fast and cold. The good wood we do have is going fast. We were spoiled in southwest Wisconsin last winter but it looks like that is about to change… highs near zero this week…

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    • We have a wood furnace, so it blows through our forced air system. We’re a bit north of you and we’re in for the same weather pattern. Our son was born the first week of January, so last winter is kind of a blur for me because I didn’t really leave the house. (However, that snowstorm we got the last week of December is pretty vivid because I was 38 weeks pregnant and everyone hoped we wouldn’t have to try to make it to the hospital in it!)


  2. Boy I miss wood heat. When I was growing up we had one of those wood cook stoves. It had an oven and one of those hot water containers. Being harder to regulate my mom used her electric oven for baking, but often we would use the stove top for cooking with pots and pans. Nothing can beat the warmth of wood heat!

    Thank you for sharing Kimberly! 🙂


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