Woodpile in September

Well, it happened.  Yesterday afternoon my husband lit the furnace.

I was perfectly comfortable in my fleece sweatshirt with the house at 70 degrees, but he gets antsy this time of year to light it for the first time, so he did.  It didn’t take long before the house was at 75 degrees and the kiddos and I had shed our sweatshirts.  At least he was no longer asking me every 20 minutes if he should light the furnace.

My husband had a few good days making firewood and we’re almost ready for the upcoming winter.  Usually October is the big push for firewood, but without a field full of pumpkins to harvest for sale this year, the woodpile is ahead of schedule.

You want to see some pumpkins?  Of course you do! 

From our driveway, all you could see were small ones, about bowling-ball size and a little bigger.  The weeds got really bad this year, so you couldn’t see what was hiding in the depths of the patch and I was worried we didn’t have any huge ones this year.


I was relieved when my husband found this big one in the back of the patch!  It weighs 47 pounds:


You see, we need one that’s big enough for a 9 month old to fit into.  It’s not a baby’s first fall without the obligatory baby in a pumpkin photo!

Speaking of the kiddos, I know I haven’t been posting much as of late.  I have just been exhausted!  Our toddler is getting her two-year molars, and her meltdown screams have reached new octaves.  At least she says “teeth” or points to her mouth and says “ouchie” so I know what the problem is.  Not to be outdone, our infant is getting his first set of top teeth and the second set of bottom teeth.  So he’s miserable and doesn’t want to go to sleep at night and he’s up every two or three hours.  Which means I don’t get to go to sleep and I’m up every two or three hours.  I’ve got about dozen half-written drafts and lots of photos.  I just haven’t been able turn my attention towards them long enough to put them all together!

But I digress (don’t I always?).  Back to the topic at hand…

Here is our woodpile on September 27, 2016:


The temperature is in the low 40s this morning and we’ve got a pretty steady northwest wind.  We’ve got a lot of pines around here, so in general the fall colors aren’t super vibrant, but you can see some nice color in the woods down the road there.

We now have 22 face cord cut, split, and stacked on a goal of 25.  If you compare to Woodpile in August, the far left has really been filled in over the past month.  There are still a lot chunks over by the log pile that have been cut that just need to get split.  One or two more afternoons will put us at, if not beyond, our goal.

However, we’ve reached the time of year when we’ll be using some firewood, too.  So we’ll not only be adding from this point forward, we’ll also be taking away.  But hopefully the weather stays nice enough that our use just remains intermittent over the next month.



2 thoughts on “Woodpile in September

  1. Kudos to your husband for all that wood-splitting! It looks like a lot of work. I enjoyed the lovely pictures of your farm. Here in coastal Georgia, we are still in the high 80’s . . . just recently down from the 90’s. But we will cool off, too, in another month or so. Enjoy Autumn!

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    • I used to help quite a bit more… but someone has to watch the kiddos! Having the log pile right there is really nice, sure beats having to fell trees and haul them up to the house like he had done the last two years. This oak is also much nicer than what we’ve been burning the last two winters so the house should stay much cleaner!


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