Meet Blanche’s Calf!

Well, we had a little excitement this morning.  My husband woke up to go to work and found that Blanche had her calf overnight!  We don’t know exactly what time she had it, but the calf was up and nursing by the time my husband discovered it.  You always worry a little when it’s their first calf, but all went well and neither the cow nor the calf had any issues.

The calf is a little heifer!  She’ll be registered with the American Hereford Association.  As of now she’s just known as”602D,” but we’ll decide on a name soon.

Here’s one of the first photos my husband took this morning, right around sunrise:


She’s got a brown spot around one of her eyes.  That’s actually a desirable trait because flies are attracted to their white heads.  Since the flies are not as attracted to the dark areas it helps keep the flies our of their eyes and helps reduce the occurrence of pinkeye.

I went out and got these photos later in the morning:




As you can see, cow and calf are doing well so far.



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