Woodpile in August

Well, summer is almost over and the heating season is just around the corner.  Since Woodpile in July my husband has gotten some more wood cut but it hasn’t gotten split or stacked yet.


The corn has kept us very busy the last few weeks.  That will be done shortly, so after that firewood production should really ramp up.  Besides, the cooler fall temperatures are much more pleasant for firewood production than the dog days of summer.  This fall we won’t have nearly the amount of pumpkins that we’ve had in the past to harvest.  We only planted about a quarter of what we have had in the past.  So, that will free up a lot of September that was normally dedicated to picking and hauling pumpkins and the woodpile should fill in pretty quickly over the next month or two.

I’ll bet by now you’re wondering what those green vines are that are growing up our log pile…

It’s hops!


These plants were here before we moved in, and this ditch used to have a lot of brush that my husband has long since cut down.  The hops vines used to grow up among that brush, but without anything there they would just get cut down when my husband mowed the ditch.  With the log pile there this summer, that area was left largely undisturbed and the hops took advantage of it.  (No, I’m not going to get into beer making, we’ve got enough going on around here!)

Here is our woodpile on August 26, 2016:


We’re still at 16 face cord cut, split, and stacked on a goal of 25 face cord.  However, the volume that has been cut that is sitting next to the log pile will probably amount to about 3 more face cord once it is added to the pile.



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