Flowers on a Friday (with bonus vegetable garden photos)

I mentioned in Tuesday’s post that we went to the zoo last Friday.  Well, of course I couldn’t help but to snap a few flower photos while I was there.  We’ll start with a few from the conservatory:




And here are a few from the butterfly house:



(I need to find myself some of these coneflowers!…)


Back home there weren’t too many new blossoms over the past few weeks.  Just a few dahlias.  My toddler calls these ones “daisies:”


My dinnerplate dahlias started blooming too!  My hand is there for two reasons… to hold it up to get a good photo and to show you the scale of the flower.


Finally, I was lucky enough to get my first ever photo of a hummingbird.  It’s a female Ruby-Throated hummingbird, the only species we have around here.  They love my bright pink gladiolus flowers.  This flower is right off the front porch where the toddler and I were hanging out, and this hummingbird was kind enough to stay there long enough for me to run in the house and grab my camera!


I also have a couple vegetable garden photos to share.  I mentioned last time that my brussels sprouts plants were loaded… here they are!


My cabbages are doing equally well.  I probably could start harvesting these any time now.


My cucumbers are the tallest they’ve ever been – they’re taller than me now!  I had to double up the height of the trellis.  On the right of the photo, toward the ground, you’ll see my dill.  It was pushing five feet tall until we got 4.5 inches of heavy rain one night last week and the plants toppled.


And last, but certainly not least, this is what a zucchini plant looks like when it grows on a pile of manure.  Remember, this germinated just over a month ago.  There are a couple zucchini hiding in there too.


That’s all for today’s Flowers on a Friday (bonus edition).  What’s blooming in your backyard?



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