Flowers on a Friday

Since sharing a bunch of flower photos is a great way to start off the weekend… welcome to the second edition of Flowers on a Friday!

Again, we’ll start with some phlox.  First off, all the phlox currently growing in our yard were here when we moved in 8 years ago.  We’ve moved some, we’ve gotten rid of some, and some are still where they were originally planted.  However, they were all purple.  Two or three years ago I noticed a single stalk of white phlox in the septic tank garden.  Now this year there are about a dozen stalks of white phlox.  I’m not sure why or how this happened, but I’ll take it!


Some sunflowers started blooming next to the shed.  These are all volunteers.  They’re about 6 feet tall.


I told you last Friday that my beautiful yellow and white dahlia was just starting to bloom, so you’d probably see it again.  Well, here it is!


Not to be outdone by a dahlia, these gladiolus started blooming right next to it!  They are such a bright, happy pink!  (Although I thought the ones I planted there were supposed to be purple… hmmm)


Remember my One Vengeful Zucchini?  Well, it started flowering this morning too.  That didn’t take long.  About three weeks from germination to flowering.


Want to show off your flowers?  It would be awesome if you’d join me for Flowers on a Friday!  If you’re blogging just include the link to this post in your blog post (I think you need to take “s” off of “https” for it to properly link).  If you want to join the fun on Facebook just post a photo include #FlowersOnAFriday in your description and tag My Frugal Farmstead‘s facebook page! (we’ll see how that works… there might be new instructions next time 😉 )



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