Woodpile in July

Well, it’s almost the end of July, and I’m happy to report that more wood has finally made it to the woodpile!

It was hot this past weekend, but for the two weekends prior my husband was out with the tractor and chainsaw and made some great progress!  First off, all the wood from the ash tree that was just hanging out in the backyard in June has been cut, split, and added to the pile.  That amounted to about two face cords in and of itself!  He also got a lot of the oak chunks that had been lying on the ground near the log pile split up and hauled over to the woodpile.

I’ve mentioned before that we have a wood splitter that runs off the hydraulics on the tractor.  Here’s a photo of that setup:


After the log is cut to length (18 inches), you simply load the log onto the beam, pull a lever, and the hydraulic arm pushes the log against the wedge and splits it in two.  It makes pretty short work of splitting firewood – there’s no way we could split all that we need by hand.  My husband really wants to get a free-standing wood splitter to help alleviate some of the wear on the tractor.  For the amount we split it’s definitely a justifiable, although still painfully expensive, purchase, so we’ll see.

Once the wood is split he throws it onto the back of the pickup truck. Once the bed is full the wood makes its 100-foot or so trek to where it is offloaded and stacked on the woodpile near the house.  We used to haul it near the pile in a wheelbarrow then split it and stack it right onto the pile, but we’ve found more efficient ways to do things over the years!

Here is our woodpile on a sunny, almost 90-degree day, July 26, 2016:


Our current tally is 16 face cord cut and split on a goal of 25 face cord.

Most of the new firewood has been added to the far right as you look at the photo.  My only complaint is that when I walk around the house I used to cut through there… now I have to walk all the way around the woodpile!  But it was inevitable, it will all fill in sooner or later!



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