My Hemerocallis Habit

About a month ago when I told you about all my irises (and cats) I promised I would show you all my lilies, we just had to wait for them to bloom.  Well that time has come, so here we go!

Here’s the funny thing… we spent a few years desperately trying to eradicate a large patch of orange day lilies that was growing in our yard when we bought the house.  A few lilies here and there are one thing… a 10 foot by 20 foot patch of solid day lilies in the middle of the yard, no thank you.  Thus began my hated of day lilies. You know what works to kill them?  Not much.  It took a few applications of Roundup along with tilling up the patch a couple times to finally get rid of them for good.


That giant patch has been gone for about 5 years now.  We do still have quite a few of those orange lilies, and most of them are in areas we don’t see much.  However, when we were getting rid of that big patch I decided some orange lilies would be acceptable to hide the septic tank… they’re tall and they grow fast.  Plus, they were free… I just had to move a few out of that patch we were destroying.


It was just after I planted the “septic tank garden” (yes, we actually call it that) when I discovered that day lilies come in varieties other than plain orange.  That’s when I learned that my disdain isn’t for day lilies themselves, but for these generic orange ones that are everywhere!  Ever since,  I have been treating myself each spring to one or two when I go to the greenhouse.  My birthday falls in late May, so I consider it my birthday present.

This was the first day lily I bought.  I actually bought it on clearance from the local farm supply.  Since it was clearance time, there weren’t many crazy varieties to choose from, but this was a good lily for me to start my habit with.


This one actually grows in a clump in the septic tank garden.  It’s a miniature day lily, but I don’t know the actual variety of it.  What I can find on Google leads me to believe it’s just considered a bi-color lily, and from what I remember from when I bought it, that sounds about right.

From there, my collection grew (pun intended!)

Here they are, in no particular order:



“The Jury’s Out”IMG_2330.JPG


“Red Razzmatazz”IMG_2270.JPG


“Cherokee Star”IMG_2319.JPG


“Frosted Vintage Ruffles”100_4707.JPG

I have one more that didn’t bloom this year.  It’s called “Strawberry Candy.”  It was growing under the ash tree that we had to take down so I moved it to the corner of my rhubarb patch.  It was sort of struggling along anyway – around that ash tree wasn’t a good place to plant anything since we would drag the hose along it when we pulled it to the garden.

With each variety I only bought one plant.  I’m splitting them in the spring as needed and it will take some time but eventually they’ll fill in around the bases of the trees I’ve planted them under.  Besides, if I only buy one plant of each variety that means I can hoard collect more varieties.  I hope some day I get some seed pods… I would love to see what all these lilies crossbreeding would produce!

I think next year I need to add something white or blue to my collection… what do you think?



8 thoughts on “My Hemerocallis Habit

  1. I love seeing all these beautiful flowers. I kill all flowers I grow (good thing it’s not like that with veggies!!). I have to share this with my 9 year old daughter. She just loves flowers. She sold her sunflowers at our yard sale today!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. […] Two of my day lilies – Purpleicious and The Jury’s Out – produced seed pods this year.  Some have dried out already, so I harvested them and have plans to try and start them next spring.  I’m still waiting on some of the pods to dry out, but I’ll collect them as they do.  I would love to see what kinds of hybrids I get from all of my day lilies. […]


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