Sun Burnt (a Product Review)

I’m not going to bombard you with product reviews, I promise.  That’s not my objective with this blog.  But, if I come across something that I find exciting, I want to let you know about it, especially if it relates a little bit to my blog.  And today’s WordPress daily prompt happened to be “burn,” so I guess this was meant to happen.

My opinions are all my own.  No one pays me for my opinions (but if you want to, you know where to find me 😉 ).

Earlier this summer I decided it’s time to replace the aloe vera gel we bought when we were in Georgia for spring break, circa 2003.  We don’t use it much, but with kiddos I figured we should have something around in case of sunburn.  Preferably something that didn’t expire last decade.  We try to keep up on the sunblock when we go outside, but despite our best efforts sometimes ears, pigtail parts, and other random patches get missed.  I had seen ads for this stuff and I was intrigued.  There was also a coupon for $1 off on, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I figured if all else fails, it’s aloe, it should still work.

Oh wow, does it work!

I always seem to get a little sunburnt after working in the garden.  I tried it first on my shoulders that had gotten a little pink from an afternoon of weeding.  I was impressed at how quickly it dried – in just a minute or two.  It behaved much more like a lotion than an aloe gel.  It was not sticky in the slightest, it absorbed quickly and afterwards felt really soft.  My skin felt cooler almost immediately.  Ultimately, my shoulders never peeled.

The next trial was on my husband.  We had gone to a car show at a local town festival for a couple of hours one hot sunny day, and when we came back his forehead was beet red.  I told him to put some of this on.  He protested, probably because he thought it was like the old aloe that was goopy and sticky.  I kept insisting until he gave in to trying a tiny bit, which he grumpily swiped across his forehead.  Not too long after, he went and put more on.  I even caught him applying more later that evening.  The next day the redness was gone and, to my knowledge, he never peeled.

A few days later, I burned my finger on some hot oil while I was cooking.  After cleaning the oil off with dish soap and running it under cold water, I remembered this stuff and thought I’d give it a try.  I put a little on my finger and rubbed it in.  The next day I could hardly notice that I had burned it, and two days later I couldn’t even remember which finger it was.  It didn’t blister, it didn’t peel, it didn’t even hurt in the slightest!

I absolutely love it for after those hot afternoons working in the garden!  There are some days that even after I apply sunblock I come out a little red, and this takes care of it.  And as with the kiddos, I always seem to miss a spot!  Since it’s much more pleasant to use than the aloe gel,  I’ve used it at times that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered using the aloe.  It is a little pricier than the goopy aloe, but price-wise it’s comparable to sunblock or lotion, so by no means extravagant.

I think this is definitely a great product to have around!



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