All About Irises… and Cats

I mentioned in a previous post that I love irises!

I also love day lilies, but that’s for another post… in a month or so when they’re blooming.

We have five different irises.  The pale yellow ones are always the first to bloom (I don’t have any new photos of those), followed by the little purple and white ones.  One crazy thing I’ve noticed is that depending on where they’re planted, the purple and white ones will take on a completely different look!  In our back garden they are a vibrant purple with snow white, however in our front yard the purple is a more grayish purple, the yellow is much more pronounced, and the white is more of a pale lavender.  See for yourself!

Front yard:

Back yard:

The front gardens have much sandier soil because we haven’t added as much organic matter to them.  There also might be some influence from the road salt.  They’re all split from the exact same plants, so I would love to do some soil testing someday and see what’s going on, just to satisfy my curiosity.

We also have some plain purple ones.  They are by no means plain, so perhaps “solid” purple would be a more appropriate way to describe them.  I got these from my mom a few years ago.  They live next to our propane tank.

Next is a photo from a few years ago.  My beautiful orange bearded irises (unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the variety) don’t look like they’re going to bloom this year.  At the end of last season we split them and moved them to a different spot and this variety never seems to want to bloom after it’s been transplanted.

Now for the crown jewel of our irises.  This one is my absolute favorite!  It’s a bearded iris called “Tennyson Ridge.”  This is the most recent addition to our iris collection.  I believe we got it three years ago.  It just started blooming this morning.

And here it is all the way open in the afternoon sun:

Since cats have the uncanny knack to interject themselves wherever they see fit, I think I’ll introduce them here.  The three of them have put up with me chasing them around with a camera for a number of years, so they deserve a mention.  If you don’t know us personally and thought this was going to be an awkward transition from irises to cats, fret not.  Meet our one-eyed cat…

…Iris.  She is a super sweet cat, but if you come to visit you’ll never see her because as soon as a car pulls in the driveway she shoots up the steps and hides under the bed.

Next is Lupine, she’s our oldest cat, she just turned 11.  She’s named after the wild lupine Lupinus perennis, but we call her “The Peen.” She’s also a sweet cat – to us.  Depending on her mood, she’ll either snuggle up to visitors or hiss at them.  She’ll often lurk on the stairway when we have company over.

Finally, this is Esox.  He’s named after the Muskellunge Esox masquinongy because he has muskie stripes on his belly (they were much more pronounced when he was a kitten).  He’s about as easy-going of a cat as you’ll ever meet.  He doesn’t mind being tackled (or sat on) by a rambunctious toddler, which is a plus.

All three of them are indoor cats.  Esox and Iris are most often found sleeping on a bed or a couch, and Lupine likes her comfy pillow or the sunny bathroom window.  I’m trying to think of more to say about them, but they’re pretty much your standard cats.  They eat, they sleep, they poop.  They’re like indoor cows, except they don’t make us beef.

Now you’ve gotten a nice flower garden update and have met the rest of our animals… a pretty efficient post for one day, if I do say so myself!



4 thoughts on “All About Irises… and Cats

  1. Fun post! I love irises and cats as well 🙂 In fact, I named my daughter Iris, and just this weekend we got two new kittens! That brings our total to four (yikes!) but I do love having cats in the house and in the garden.

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  2. You certainly have the green thumb! Your irises are so pretty? And so are your cats. That’s all I have to say about it right meow. A purrrfect post.

    Liked by 1 person

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