How The Garden Grows

I can’t believe it has already been 10 days since we got the garden planted!

After my weekend of planting I said we had rain in the forecast, and it came through!  Over the last week we got about 2 inches of rain coupled with some warm, sunny days.  Absolutely perfect weather to get my seeds going!  Most of the bulbs that I planted are really starting to take off, our corn and pumpkins are up and just about everything in the vegetable garden is starting to germinate.


The tomato and pepper plants are also looking great









Our irises and have started blooming.  I love irises!

Unfortunately, the storms that brought nice rain to our area brought some stronger storms not too far away, and my in-laws sustained a bit of damage from them.  Luckily the storm only took out a bunch of trees and there was no damage to their house or vehicles.  We went up to their place on Sunday to help with the cleanup.  My father in law took this photo of their backyard right after the storm went through:

On Monday my husband was tired from a day of chainsawing, so he watched the kiddos and I weeded all the flower beds.  After stacking wood and brush all day on Sunday I don’t know where I found the energy, but the flower beds look better than they have in years!  I had done some intermittent weeding over the past few weekends, but I tackled the stuff by the house that always seems to get neglected because it’s tough to get out.  I filled at least 10 5-gallon buckets with weeds, maybe more, I wasn’t really counting.   However, I was rather insulted that the cows weren’t excited about eating my weeds after I dumped them over the gate.

Part of my success was that I discovered the wonders of gardening gloves.  I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much done as without them.  They’re not great for getting right in next to the plants, but they really give you some good grip when yanking out clumps of grass.  They saved my hands and made all that weeding possible.  I can now proudly show off my flower beds!

Well, sort of proudly… apparently my flower beds could use some edging… anyway…

See that plant growing out of the top of the old pump?  That’s a bleeding heart.  We didn’t do that – it grew there itself.  I had been wondering what happened to that plant and this is where I found it this spring.  My husband must have accidentally moved the pump over the top of the plant and it grew up through!

Our plan now is to move forward the few plants that are between the drip line and the house and put some rock there.  It should brighten it up some and make the weeds easier to control.  I’m also working on getting that lichen scrubbed off of the siding, now that the weeds aren’t tall enough to cover it up!  I did a little test and it appears my Scrubbing Bubbles should make pretty short work of it… as soon as the kiddos let me.  I also bought a bunch of mulch to finish off my rhubarb patch.

However, none of that is terribly urgent.  Right now I’m just going to keep up on the ibuprofen, recover from all the work I did over the weekend, and see where it goes.  It looks like we have some strong storms on the way, so at least for today I’m taking a bit of a break (and hoping the storms don’t get too bad).



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