A Meet and Greet with The Golden Girls

If you took a peek at my “about” page, you may have caught the snippet where I told you that our 4 breeding cows are named after the Golden Girls.  Well, I think it’s about time for a formal introduction!

Back in June of 2010 we started our herd by purchasing a cow/calf pair from a local breeder.  Here is a photo of them on the day we got them:

We got lucky because that cow was also pregnant, so the following March we had three cows!

All the cattle in our herd are Herefords from registered stock and are genetically polled.  We register all of our heifers and cows but we don’t register our steers.  If the kiddos ever start showing them we will, but right now it’s just not necessary (they taste the same whether they’re registered or not…).

So, now what you’re really here for… time to start the introductions!

24S – “Sophia”
DOB 02/12/2006  Sire: Missile  Dam: Gold Shania

Also known as “Momma Sophia” or simply “Momma,” Sophia is the matriarch of the herd.  She is the “cow” of the cow/calf pair we purchased.  Every cow in our herd is a descendant of hers.  She always has such a disapproving look.


80X  – “Rose”
DOB 3/8/2010  Sire: Duster   Dam: Sophia

Also known as “Rosie” and sometimes “The Rosemeister,” Rose is the “calf” of the cow/calf pair that started the herd.  We refer to Rose the ringleader of the herd.  If you need to move the herd somewhere you grab the purple bucket, get Rose’s attention, and the rest of the cattle will follow her.

We did have a scare with her earlier this spring – she was down and couldn’t stand up.  It was just after a quick thaw, so we initially thought she was stuck in the mud.  However after my husband had her almost dug out and she still couldn’t get up we realized there was something more wrong with her.  After an emergency vet call and some blood work, it turns out she had milk fever (low blood calcium), which is rare in beef cows and typically only happens right after calving.  The vet gave her calcium via IV and she was up just a few minutes later.


101Y – “Dorothy”
DOB 03/14/2011  Sire:  Saint  Dam: Sophia

Affectionately known as “Dot,” Dorothy was the first calf born on our farm.  She was born on 03/14, which is now referred to in our household as “cow pi day.”  Dorothy has acquired her momma’s disapproving look, although it isn’t quite as pronounced.  We often describe her stature as “beefy.”


302A – “Blanche”
DOB 05/19/2013  Sire: Wisconsin  Dam: Rose

Blanche was the final Golden Girl to join our herd.  She is such a pretty cow!  She’s our three-year-old first calf heifer.  You can read more about that saga here.


We currently also have three young steers:

501C Charlemagne (We just liked the name)
DOB 10/14/2015  Sire: Trend  Dam: Rose

502C Charles (He has the same birthday as Prince Charles)
DOB 11/14/2015  Sire: Trend  Dam: Dorothy

601D Daryl (Daryl was born during an episode of The Walking Dead)
DOB 03/06/2016  Sire: Ribeye  Dam: Sophia

Since we acquired our 4 Golden Girls, of all our calves from that point forward have had names starting with the year letter.  I wanted to do that from the beginning with our steers, but the first year that we had steers was year Z and my husband vehemently opposed having a steer named “Zazzle”

So, that’s our little herd.  I hope you enjoyed meeting them!



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