Blanche’s Big Announcement

Have you ever contemplated how to put together a pregnancy announcement for a cow?  The vet doesn’t give out ultrasound prints.  Maybe a photo with a set of big hoof prints and a set of little hoof prints?

Under most circumstances we wouldn’t be this excited to find out that one of our cows is pregnant, but this was Blanche’s last chance.  She was born in May of 2013, and typically you want your heifer to get pregnant a few months after her first birthday so the calf is born right around her second birthday.  Fast forward to the summer of 2015 and we were still trying.  Last fall we were contemplating growing her out to send to the butcher but we wanted to give her one last try.  At this point, the guy who does our breeding thought we were nuts to continue, but she is such a nice cow and we weren’t ready to give up on her.  After that one didn’t take, we gave her one last try again – that time simply because we didn’t want to have to deal with delivering beef in January with a newborn.  Well, after the final one last try, the vet confirmed yesterday she has a calf on the way!  Look at the proud momma to be!

Dorothy was also confirmed today too.  So, I think we’ll have a late September calf and an early December calf.  Sophia and Rose are still open, so they won’t be calving until 2017.  All in all, a good day on the farm!




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